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Plant-based Box

Looking for alternatives to milk? We got you! The Plant-based Box is ideal for anyone who wants to give up cow's milk or establish an alternative to it in their diet.
For a variety of dietary options
Without concentrates or flavour enhancers
No-spill packaging
Out of stock
€ 35.48
What you get
Choc Norris
Oat drink, Banana, Cocoa
4 Pieces
Marilyn Mangoe
Oat drink, Mango, Peach
4 Pieces
Chocodile Dundee
Banana, Cocoa
4 Pieces
Mariah Cherry
Cherry, Banana
4 Pieces
Bruce Vanillis
Apple, Vanilla
4 Pieces

Perfect for school and on the go

Our snacks for kids fit perfectly in every lunchbox: 100% taste and 0% remorse with balanced organic snacks for school, kindergarten or on the go.

Artificial vitamins? No thanks!

Our products contain only organic ingredients that naturally contain vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the normal development of children.